Safeguarding Scrap Metal When You Have A Building Demolished

If you are the owner of a building you are going to have knocked down due to structural issues, you may want to save any scrap metal found after its demolition to take to a scrap metal recycling service in exchange for monetary compensation. Many people are aware that scrap metal holds value, making it important to take precautionary steps that will help keep it safe until you are able to transport it for recycling. Here are some tips to use when keeping scrap metal on your property so it does not fall into the hands of others.

Alert The Workers

Let the demolition company know you intend on collecting all scrap pieces for recycling purposes so they do not assume they can take these scraps on their own. They may offer to set the pieces aside for you after portions of the building have been demolished.

Set Aside An Area

After demolition has ceased each day, grab a few helpers to help you search for scrap. Make sure everyone wears heavy-duty gloves and steel-toed boots so there are not injuries as they rifle through pieces of the building. Set aside an area on the property for sorting. Make this spot away from the road if possible so people passing by would not be able to grab pieces of scrap metal quickly. 

Rope Off The Spot

Use temporary fencing around your building to keep rubble contained. This is not only useful for keeping scrap out of the hands of thieves, but will also keep those passing by from becoming injured.

Use A Cage And Chains

Place a cage on the premises to keep scrap pieces inside until the project has been completed. Thread a chain through the cage holes to keep the door shut and lock the chain in place to help keep others from gaining entry. Have anyone helping you find pieces of scrap metal alert you when they are ready to place pieces in the cage so you can unlock it for them. 

Make A Mark

Use a small paint brush to paint a mark on each piece of scrap metal you have collected. Paint a shape or letter directly to the metal pieces. This will help prove scrap pieces belong to you should they get stolen. You would be able to alert the police as well as any local recycling centers so they can be on the lookout for pieces with your special painted symbol.

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