3 Important Questions To Ask Before Renting A Dumpster

When you're ready to tackle a major project at your home, it's always important to give consideration to waste removal. For large jobs such as renovations, it can be time-consuming and costly to have to take repeated trips to the dump or recycling depot to dispose of waste. Instead, a better solution is to rent a dumpster from a local waste management company. With the dumpster easily accessible in your driveway, you can fill it and arrange to have it collected when you're done the job. Before you decide the waste management company that will supply the dumpster, there are a handful of questions to ask the representative of each company you contact.

Can You Suggest What Size Dumpster I Should Rent?

Unless you have previous experience renting a dumpster for a job, it's difficult to know the appropriate size to rent for your project. You can learn a lot by asking for help in choosing the right size of dumpster. Upon asking this question, briefly describe the scope of your undertaking and see if the representative can help you. Getting a clear answer to this question is ideal because a bin that's too small will be an inconvenience, while a bin that's too large will lead you to pay more than necessary.

Are There Any Items That I Can't Put In The Dumpster?

Some waste management companies have regulations that stipulate certain types of hazardous items can't be loaded into their dumpsters. Asking for a list of such items before agreeing to rent the bin is important because it might impact how you approach disposing of your waste. For example, if you're unable to place certain types of household chemicals in the bin, it's important to know this information ahead of time. If you anticipate handling items that you can't load into the dumpster, ask if the company can suggest an alternative method of safely disposing of these items.

How Will You Prevent The Dumpster From Damaging My Driveway?

A heavy dumpster can damage your driveway if it's not dropped off and picked up properly. While it's always important to choose an experienced, reputable business to lessen the risk of a problem, asking this question allows the representative to explain any strategies the company takes to lessen the risk. For example, the company might situate wooden blocks on the driveway before setting down the bin. Whatever the approach, the answer to this question will reveal some details about the company's approach to the condition of your driveway.

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