Transplanting A Sapling On Your New Property

If you are moving to a new home in the same vicinity as where you live now, you may have wondered if it is possible to bring along a sapling planted on your present land. Moving and transplanting a small tree can be done with a bit of preparation and some precautionary measures. Here are some instructions to follow when removing and transplanting a sapling.

Know When To Do The Move

Moving a tree in the winter months is best as the tree is dormant at this time. If you attempt to move a sapling during the spring or summer when it is active, it has a good chance of going into shock during the process. This would cause it to die. If you are not moving to your new home during winter months, it is better to leave the tree behind for your home's new owners to enjoy.

Prepare The New Location

Go to your new home's property and look for the perfect area to plant the sapling. Make sure the tree will not be planted underneath power lines so it does not become a nuisance as it grows. Find a location where it will not be battling other trees or plants for water in the ground. A cleared out area away from other vegetation is a prime spot for a sapling. A spot where the soil is not full of rocks is also desirable. Dig a hole large enough to place the tree with its root ball. Fill this hole with water the day before you intend on moving the tree.

Dig The Tree From The Ground

Use a shovel to dig around the tree. Do your best to keep as many roots intact as you can during this process. Gently lower the tree to the ground. Dip a piece of burlap into water and wrap it around the root ball of the tree. Secure with a piece of twine. This will help keep the roots from drying when the tree is in transit.

Place The Sapling In Its New Home

Secure the tree to the top of your vehicle and drive it to your new home immediately. Remove the burlap from the roots and place them into the hole full of water. Push dirt around the tree, securing it into the ground. It is also a good idea to place mulch around the circumference of the tree to help keep the ground around it moist. 

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