Tips For Avoiding Residential Septic System Accidents

For most people with a septic tank system, the greatest issues they deal with is maintaining it. Your septic system may be running fine, but if the tank or lines coming from it are damaged, you could be looking at more problems than just system repairs. Learn more about how your septic system could become a safety hazard and what you can do to prevent harm.

Special Provisions For Protecting Your Septic System

If someone visits you and backs their car into your yard to turn around, you could be looking at a huge repair bill if they drive over your septic tank or the lines coming from it into the drain field. Preventing visitors from inadvertently driving over these areas on your property is vital to protect your septic system. The weight of a car can collapse lines in the drain field. The weight of a large truck can cause your tank to collapse, presenting the danger of the vehicle falling halfway into the ground in addition to destroying your septic system. If the lines in your drain field are damaged from heavy weight like that from a vehicle, it could also go unnoticed until one of your kids steps into it while playing. Enclosing your yard with a fence is the best way to prevent anyone driving over the lines in your septic system's drain field.

Preventing Safety Hazards By Protecting Your Septic Tank

Having a professional inspect your septic system regularly is best to avoid sudden problems that could cause serious injury. If your tank's lid is deteriorating, it could quickly become a safety hazard. If the tank lids falls through or becomes weakened, the ground above it usually exhibits a depression. If your children play near that depression, the chance of them falling through into the tank is high. Many cases have been reported that involve children drowning in cesspools and septic tanks because the lids were old and deteriorating. Avoid placing heavy decorative landscape items in the area of your septic tank to avoid placing unnecessary pressure on top of it. 

If you have a septic tank system and have not had it inspected recently, doing so could prevent expensive damage and even the loss of life. Taking the time to invest in protective septic tank covers can be one of the first steps you can take toward ensuring your system is protected and does not pose a safety hazard to your family. Contact a septic company like Rob's Septic Tanks Inc to learn more.