Transplanting A Sapling On Your New Property

If you are moving to a new home in the same vicinity as where you live now, you may have wondered if it is possible to bring along a sapling planted on your present land. Moving and transplanting a small tree can be done with a bit of preparation and some precautionary measures. Here are some instructions to follow when removing and transplanting a sapling. Know When To Do The Move Moving a tree in the winter months is best as the tree is dormant at this time.

A Sooty Situation: Cleaning Your Propane Fireplace

If you install a propane fireplace, you need to keep the unit as clean as possible. Although propane fireplaces don't generate the same ash that a wood-burning fireplace can, any unburned propane molecules can settle on the surfaces in the fireplace, creating a soot residue that's black and unsightly. In most cases, you wouldn't see or notice the occasional unburned molecule, but when there are many that accumulate over time, they discolor the surface and leave residue.

3 Important Questions To Ask Before Renting A Dumpster

When you're ready to tackle a major project at your home, it's always important to give consideration to waste removal. For large jobs such as renovations, it can be time-consuming and costly to have to take repeated trips to the dump or recycling depot to dispose of waste. Instead, a better solution is to rent a dumpster from a local waste management company. With the dumpster easily accessible in your driveway, you can fill it and arrange to have it collected when you're done the job.

The Three Largest HAZWOPER Cleanups In American History And What They Can Teach Everyone

HAZWOPER, or Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Repsonse teams, are responsible for implementing, facilitating and coordinating the cleanup efforts of dozens of hazardous disasters in the U.S. Some of those incidents are the biggest in the history of the country, with walloping facts that boggle the mind. Yet, the three biggest HAZWOPER cleanups the U.S. has ever faced have taught everyone some very valuable lessons about these disasters. Here are those three hazardous disasters and what most people learned from the events.

Is Your Home an Ideal Candidate for Solar Power?

Solar power is far more than just a fad, and for many homeowners it can be used as a reliable source of year-round power. However, there are some details that you need to identify about your home and its surroundings in order to determine whether or not you'll have the same level of success. Homes without all of these characteristics can still benefit from solar energy, but to a lesser extent.